whatsapp spy root apk download

Whatsapp spy root apk download

GuestSpy is among the best value for money mobile spying apps out there. It is packed with features that can allow you to monitor all aspects of a mobile phone, but it doesn’t have as many advanced features as mSpy. Nonetheless, it’s a bunch of features that most users could find helpful include these:

GuestSpy lets you view all the WhatsApp conversations that take place through the target telephone. With GuestSpy, it is possible to:

– View all WhatsApp conversation conversations.
– Find out the names and numbers of individuals they’ve been chatting with.
– Get time and date stamps to know when every chat happened.
– Get access to some photos, videos or audio files sent through WhatsApp and stored on the target telephone.
– All WhatsApp conversations are uploaded into your internet GuestSpy control panel that you can get from anywhere with an internet connection.

Why You Need This Feature

Are your family members utilizing WhatsApp to conceal their text talks? Do you fear your employees are only wasting away their time on WhatsApp? Would you like to find out exactly what they discuss? To do you wish to lay your eyes over the media they have been sharing? GuestSpy lets you spy any WhatsApp conversations which happen on a phone and can enable you to get the complete story of their conversations. All WhatsApp spying information be retrieved by simply logging in to your internet GuestSpy control panel.

– Social Media Monitoring: Monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, BBM, Skype, Viber, Instagram, and Mail.
– Real-time GPS Tracking: Know where the device is always with GPS-tracking technology. Location is exhibited on a map inside the control panel.

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– Stealth Camera: Initiate the phone’s camera to take a secret picture that’s delivered to your accounts.
– Phone Monitoring: Monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls, time and date of calls, telephone number of person calling or being called, and also have a running log of telephone calls made.
– Photos & Video Log: View photos & videos shot on the monitored cell phone.
– Browser History: View all the sites they visit on their cell phone.

– Text Message Tracking: Monitor and record all SMS text messages. Keeps a running listing of all text messages sent and received, and is viewable from inside your control panel.

From what I could observe, GuestSpy has taken great efforts to make sure their software works nicely with all Android devices, is extremely straightforward and easy to set up, and so is glitch-free. In addition to that, they’ve made it their personal mission to make their software affordable for everyone. Although I would have liked to see a few of the more advanced features like Call Intercept or Record Surroundings, GuestSpy does have just about every single feature you’re looking for in a cell phone spyware.

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